Tips For Upgrading Your Home’s Light Fixtures

If you are a homeowner or have rented a condo or any other house, you know how important lighting is to the overall look of the home. If your light fixtures are outdated, you need to upgrade to more modern and stylish ones.

Lighting creates the mood for the living space. It is part of interior design and contributes to creating a themed-house. Light fixtures have a way of changing the whole look of the house. When upgrading, you need to consider a few things.

Want your home to stand out?

Have a plan first

Before you head out to shop, you need to ask yourself first what the purpose of the light fixtures will be. Will they be purely for decoration or the primary source of light in the room?

If you are going all in and it will be the primary source of light, you need to choose the right size for the room. If your ceilings are high, chandeliers may come in handy.

There are different chandelier types from rustic to romantic ones. Choose what fits with your home’s theme. If the idea is making your home look a bit expensive and classy, adding an antique chandelier could work the trick. It’s normal not to have the cash when renovating your house, but there are home improvement loans that could help you acquire that chandelier you’ve been eyeing. You can get some of the best home improvement loans at

Fantasy vs. reality

When you are considering upgrading your light fixtures, don’t go for one just because you saw it on Pinterest. What you see online may be completely different in what you see when you go to a home decor shop.

You should understand that not all light fixtures will fit in some homes. Understand what theme you are trying to bring out before buying something just because it looks great online. Consult your interior designer if you have, to see if it will fit in your kind of style.

If you prefer some simple lighting, you’ll need to visualize as well before purchasing anything and see if it’ll fit in the living room, kitchen or anywhere else you want to upgrade the light fixtures.

For example, some open-frame island chandelier or beaded farmhouse chandelier would go well with a rustic themed house.

Consider the price

Sometimes, we are too obsessed with getting new light fixtures without considering the financial impact it will have on us. As you shop for new ones, make sure you get what you can afford. Even if you take a home improvement loan, make sure you can make monthly repayments without straining.

There are other cost-friendly DIY ideas of updating the old light fixtures. You can spray-paint them. First, you need a cardboard box to act as your working area. Then spray your old fixture, keep turning it to make sure every section is sprayed. You can use pebble style foam because it doesn’t melt.

Alternatively, if you have a stainless steel fixture, you can dilute vinegar in warm water and polish it. For the best spray paints, you can use fluorescent paints, glitter surfaces, or glazed pottery.

Try looking for inexpensive ways to update your fixtures, especially if you are financially drained.

Placing the fixtures

One mistake people make is placing the light fixtures in one location. Have you thought that maybe creatively placing them could add a whole new look to your house? The idea is to make your house vibrant, not dull, and boring. This is what sets the overall mood of your home.

After purchasing or updating your fixtures, be creative in where you place them. Most times, people will often think of placing them in the middle of the room. Why not be unique in your way? Try placing them on top of furniture, or near the window sill? You can also dangle them in different cord levels. The idea is to create unique styles.

If you are an art lover, you can attach small fixtures at the top of the artwork or attach them to the frame of the piece, and you plug it into the wall.

Installing motion sensors

Technology should be embraced. How about getting a motion sensor for your fixtures? They will control the light when people pass by too close to the outdoor lights. The sensor also helps in dark staircases such that you don’t have to walk in the dark.

Light sensors are also an excellent option for the outdoors because they will go off once it’s daybreak and go on at night.

Upgrading light fixtures should be something you think about creatively. A little research didn’t hurt anybody. Look into what’s trending and modern and see what you could incorporate. Factor in what theme you want in the house as that is what will determine the types of light fixtures you will bring in.

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