Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is a big problem in the workplace. It has lasting psychological effects on the victim, and it can be difficult for them to work without fear or shape their lives in many different ways.

Businessman Sexually Harassing Female Colleague In Office

Many organizations have put in some measures to curb sexual harassment in the workplace. These measures work, but there are still quite a number of cases of sexual harassment. Therefore, if you are a victim of sexual harassment or know someone who is a victim, contact an experienced attorney for sex abuse claims to help you get justice. However, sexual harassment cases in the workplace can be prevented.

Here are ways to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Have a Strong Sexual Harassment Policy

Every organization needs to develop and publish its sexual harassment policy. Every worker in the organization should be aware of the policy. Sexual harassment policies should include the definitions, guidelines on how everyone should conduct themselves in the workplace, guidelines on how to report such cases, and the consequences. If the organization you work for does not have a sexual harassment policy, speak to your manager and ask for one to be put in place.

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Raise Awareness

Every person in the workplace needs to know about sexual harassment. In some instances, people may be quiet, thinking that a fellow worker’s behavior is okay, but it actually is sexual harassment. Raising awareness will ensure many people are aware of all actions that could be interpreted as harassment. Raising awareness could also help stop sexual harassment as the workers will be aware that their conduct is harmful to other workers.

Clear Reporting Procedure

There should be a clear procedure for reporting sexual harassment cases in the organization. The organization should create a comfortable department where anyone can report cases of sexual harassment without any retaliation. The department should also ensure that the case is handled as soon as possible. The worker who reports the sexual harassment case should be protected, especially if it is against a senior employee.

Have a Zero-Tolerance Policy

When it comes to dealing with sexual harassment cases, the organization should have a zero-tolerance policy. It does not matter what rank the person holds in the organization. If they are found guilty of sexual harassment, they should be punished according to the policy. If the sexual harassment claims are very serious, the organization can involve the police or other relevant authority.

Provide Training

An organization should hold regular training on preventing sexual harassment for all employees and managers. The seminars or training should be mandatory for everyone who works for the organization. The training should teach employees and managers what sexual harassment entails, employees’ rights, and reporting procedures. Organizations should hold these training events at least once a year.

Use Employees as Monitors

Managers and supervisors cannot monitor their employees every minute. The human resource department can enlist a few employees to monitor the other employees and report back to them.  Employees can report cases where the victim is afraid to report or even prevent sexual harassment from happening. Giving the employees the power to watch over each other could help reduce the number of sexual harassment cases.

Encouraging a Positive Workplace Environment

Employees need a positive work environment to be productive. If the employees are scared and have to look over their shoulders every time, they will not be productive. Encourage your staff to be proactive about stopping sexual harassment. If the employees note that the organization takes their reports seriously by punishing sexual offenders, there will be a positive workplace environment for everyone.

Stopping Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a great concern. The good news is that many organizations are taking steps to prevent more sexual harassment cases from happening. Taking the initiative to stop sexual harassment in the workplace is crucial in creating a good environment for all workers.

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