Popular Light Fixtures: 6 Most Popular Home Lighting Trends of 2019

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Are you looking to polish up on the latest trends in light fixtures?

When it comes to the lighting world, we know that soft gold dominated 2019. Whether it was in combination with matte black or standing strong on its own, it's safe to say that soft gold was the go-to lighting trend of the season.

But hey, this doesn't mean we can't give credit to the runner-ups. After all, 2019 has been a year of fantastic design in the lighting department.

To celebrate, we're toasting to the 6 most popular light fixtures of the year. From wicker weave to modern task lamps and vintage Edison bulbs, this has certainly been a year worthy of celebration.

1. Angular Task Lamps

Here in 2019, task lighting has witnessed an incredible increase in demand.

Even a few short years ago, task lighting was in both short supply and demand. Nowadays, it's safe to say that task lighting is one of the most popular lighting fixtures of all.

Perhaps this is because a growing number of Americans are choosing to work from home. In fact, more than 5% of the American workforce report working from home full-time. That being said, more homeowners are focusing on homes that are equipped with home offices.

As it turns out, task lighting is most popular in home offices. It's helpful in providing a small glimmer of light to illuminate a desk or office space. In actuality, these lights are often used more for style and grace than they are for necessity.

This year, task lighting is all about those sharp lines and angles. This ties nicely into a more contemporary and minimalist space. In terms of material, natural marble, wood, and metal have been dominating.

2. Vintage Edison Bulbs

The Edison bulb trend has been active for quite some time now.

So there's nothing exactly new when it comes to the Edison bulb. But what separates the Edison bulb of today from the Edison bulb of last year is that vintage flare.

Today, the majority of best-selling Edison-style bulbs are adhering to a vintage tone. With this, they're straying from the clean lines of modernism and opting for something more art deco.

These bulbs are incorporating vintage golds and taking up residence in retro-style wall sconces. The rounded design of the bulbs fits perfect with a retro style and makes any room feel warmer and more inviting.

3. Wicker Weave

This year, wicker weave has become one of the most dominant trends in the lighting world.

In fact, wicker has become one of the most dominant trends in all departments of interior design. It's finding itself in baskets, bed frames, linens, and even rugs. But there's no place wicker has appeared more than in today's light fixtures.

Today, you can guarantee that any "boho" style home is going to be equipped with one wicker weave lighting fixture or another. This material resembles a basket and offers a natural, soft approach to decor. In combination with minimalist decor, a wicker weave lighting fixture offers a soft and natural solution to lighting.

4. Bedroom Wall Sconces

Even a short decade ago, it was common bedroom practice to have two bedside tables, complete with two bedside lamps.

Today, it seems consumers are making an effort to reduce the amount of furniture and decor within their homes. Generally, consumers are learning how to embrace life with fewer possessions and less space.

In many homes, bedside tables have now turned into floating shelves. With this, table lamps are now being replaced by a floating style light by the name of a wall sconce. While still providing adequate light to the bedroom, wall sconces are both stylish and favor minimalism.

5. Oversized Pendants

When it comes to pendant lighting, the general rule of 2019 is that bigger is better.

No longer are we shying away from large, dominating bulbs. Instead, we're celebrating all that's the pendant light and sometimes, even using it as an art form.

The goal with pendant lighting is to create a "wow" factor that helps to dominate the overall room. Even more than a simple light source, these fixtures often become the official centerpiece of the room. From here, other art forms and decor are centered around it.

This type of lighting is especially popular in the kitchen over a center island or in the dining room atop a formal dining table.

Are you looking for advice on how and why to opt for pendant lighting? If so, check out these unique reasons to learn more.

6. More Creative LED Lights

At the end of the day, LED lighting has never been more in demand than it is now.

As consumers, we're well aware that LED bulbs are not only better for the environment, but they're also significantly more cost-effective. When we consider that LED bulbs use 90% less power than traditional bulbs, it's easy to understand this surge in popularity.

The good news?

We've witnessed an incredible burst of LED lighting options. Nowadays, these bulbs are more commonplace and they're available in more creative options.

Gone are the days when LED bulbs were limited to only the most standard of lighting options. Now, you can look forward to finding off-kilter light fixtures that can be fitted with LED bulbs.

Popular Light Fixtures of 2019

When it comes to interior design, light fixtures aren't just seen as a mere source of light.

Instead, the lighting fixtures in your home become a centerpiece and a cause for celebration. They become forms of art that express your interior design taste and overall style. When an outsider walks into your home, the right lighting fixture can help to make the home feel more warm and welcoming.

This guide establishing the most popular light fixtures of 2019 is a celebration of lighting. If you're in need of some lighting inspiration, allow this guide to help you find the right lighting for your home. Or visit our website for even more inspiration!

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