Modern Lighting for Large Spaces

Lighting fixtures don't purely need to be a source of light in a room. These can be something of a focal point instead. That is what makes a simple bulb different from a modern lighting fixture.

Choosing the right type of modern lighting fixtures highly depends on the space available and the height of the ceilings. You can't enjoy an artistic six-foot octopus style chandelier in a small living space, as you will most certainly require a larger area to hang it up.

But you should remember, picking the right modern lighting fixtures means knowing your personal style and character. If your home represents who you really are, then you can choose the most suitable options to match the theme.

Not all lighting fixtures are the same, as they have various purposes. Primarily, there are three basic types of lights that you should know about. Understanding the three types mentioned below can help you out when shopping on any good furniture and décor store, like Room Service 360.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting fixtures are generally considered to be background lights. These lights can fill out a room and increase the overall brightness throughout the area. But while they can brighten up a particular space, these light might not be enough for specific activities like reading a book.

Here are four examples to help you get a better understanding of ambient lighting:

● Chandelier that hangs from the ceilings

● Wall scones fixed on the walls of a room

● Pendant lights hanging from the ceilings

● A light kit attached to a ceiling fan

Accent Lighting

Lighting doesn't always have to be functional, as the space where you install these fixtures are generally emptier as compared to the area where you would set a sofa or a bed.

Accent lighting fixtures are generally used for decorative purposes, which is why you will find a much greater variety of them in any modern furniture store. These lights can add a subtle touch to any space while showing off features of the room and having a soft glow to specific areas.

While they generally consist of lamps and overhead lighting, sometimes you can find other types of accent lights that fit your room better. These lighting fixtures can be highly decorative pieces of art under the modern category. That is why they are multipurpose pieces, giving your room more light while solidifying a perfect theme for the space.

Task Lighting

The case is not the same for task lighting, as these are usually much brighter. Task lighting fixtures are mostly intended for specific purposes, which is why they can highlight any particular area.

Task lights are generally lamps that you can put next to a chair, on a table, or maybe in a lovely corner of the room. But just because they are more functional doesn't mean they can't be beautiful or artistic at the same time. If you purchase your fixtures from a good furniture and décor store, then you can get the modern design you're searching for.

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