Mars Hydro Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights in 2020

If you have an indoor garden, you already know that you need an artificial light source to grow many plants indoors then the Mars Hydro full spectrum led grow lights are best option that is full-spectrum hydroponic light. The full spectrum light of the Mars Hydro series is all you could want for better growth of indoor plants. They are one of the best options in indoor growing world with veg and bloom switches which ideal to use for all type of indoor plants and help during seeding, cloning, stages of vegetables and flowers. The Mars Hydro series uses a variety of light rays to balance the photosynthesis cycles and plant growth.

Mars Hydro full spectrum led grow lights supply a plant with the colors of light that they need to best maximize growth. In addition to the advantage of making LED's that emit the colors of light that plants need. They offer a full spectrum LED grow light. The Mars Hydro series provides 430-440 nm, 620 nm, 450 nm, 650 nm, 660 nm, as well as white and infrared light. This wide range of light will help your plants from planting to flowering, offering the best for each intermediate stage.

Mars Hydro full spectrum led grow lights are easy to install above your plants in a grow room or a greenhouse. For anyone trying to grow plants in a small space, these panels are an excellent option. Mars Hydro full spectrum led grow lights are also cost effective in energy and initial cost.

Some salient Features of ​Mars Hydro full spectrum led grow lights

Near 100 percent efficient: Even under most optimal conditions, HID lights have maximum efficiency levels of only about 20 percent. This means that 80% of their emitted light is entirely useless and simply produces heat by product which is not only a pain in the ass to vent out but very expensive to deal with as well. Mars Hydro full spectrum led grow lights on the other hand are close to 100% efficient.

Energy efficient: These lights are more efficient than the traditional lighting options out there in the market .They consume only about 100 W of power and can replace typical 150W hps or HID grow lights. Mars Hydro grow lights are capable of reducing electricity costs by as much as 75% as compared with other grow lights.

Lifespan: These lights are constructed with a good quality heavy material, so with a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, you should expect about 10 years of intensive use.

Space saving: Another advantage is space saving. The full spectrum LED panels are actually quite thin. They can fit in a tight air space over your plants and not cause problems.

Power cooling system: These lights are quite cool to the touch because they use aluminum cooling fan and heat sink to improve heat dissipation, since they do not radiate heat to generate light. That means you can put them closer to your plants.

Design: They also have a compact design meaning that they are a lot thinner and lighter than any other grow lights.

Environment friendly: Mars Hydro grow lights are environment friendly, adding to your entire green experience.

Save money on water bills: These lights do not generate excessive heat, less heat also means less water being evaporated from your garden, saving you money on water bills.

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