Low Voltage Lighting: An Energy-Efficient Way to Improve Your Landscapes

Interior designing is a personal way to enhance the look of your rooms and other areas inside the house. However, have you ever thought of designing and decorating your outdoors too? We often overlook our yards and landscapes because it seems like a job for a professional landscaper.

But did you know that with some research and planning, you can also improve the way your outdoors look? You can experiment with so many combinations of rocks, plants, and even statues or fountains to make your landscape more visually appealing and enticing to visit.

Why Should You Get a Low Voltage Lighting for Your Landscape

Besides using different types of plants and other outdoor furnishings, adding a lighting system to your landscape can also satisfy your creative juices when decorating your outdoors. After all, landscaping is so much more than just arranging plants, ponds, or rocks. Having fixtures to illuminate these elements will enhance the area and make these elements pop out.

However, not every homeowner finds the appeal in adding a lighting system to their landscape. We can’t blame you since it doesn’t feel energy-efficient to have lights turned on for daily use. At the same time, the idea of adding something electric outside doesn’t seem safe and environment-friendly.

The good news is that these potential problems have a single remedy. Nowadays, you can get low voltage lighting systems for your landscape. And according to PrizedReviews, the diverse choices in the market makes it impossible for a home not to find their perfect match.

Adding a lighting system to your yard or garden will improve its aesthetics. You can choose from different types of fixtures such as ground lights, spotlights, or step lights, depending on the look you have in mind. You can enhance your fountains, trees, walls, or plants by adding the appropriate lights for them.

And other than improving the appearance of your outdoors, landscape lightings are also beneficial in terms of functionality and safety. If you add a couple of lighting fixtures in your patios, steps, or walkways, you’ll find it easier to navigate through them at night time. And if an area is illuminated, it’s also less likely to be inviting for malicious people.

What is Low Voltage Lighting, and How Does it Work?

Over time, manufacturers have developed a lighting system that is a change from our accustomed line voltage lighting systems. Instead of using the standard voltage in our home outlets, these so-called low voltage lighting systems are powered by a lower voltage of electricity ranging from 30 volts or even as low as 12 volts. As a result, low voltage systems will allow you to use lights that consume less energy.

Low voltage lighting systems use transformers, which will then lower the electrical output so that the lights will only receive the correct voltage. This way, you can use a 12-volt lighting system regardless of the electrical output in your home.

Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting

1. Energy-Efficient

Low-voltage lighting is an energy-efficient solution to add illumination to your landscape. This is because they don’t need a high voltage in order to emit a bright light. Remember that if an appliance requires high voltage, it also means an increase in waste heat from the conversion losses. In other terms, these losses will also mean an increase in your electricity bill.

At the same time, most lighting fixtures that are low voltage also take advantage of the LED COB technology. You are probably already familiar with how LED bulbs consume less energy compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs. However, if the bulbs also make use of the COB or chip-on-board technology, they will consume even lower energy without affecting the output quality. This is because the light will use multiple LED chips combined as a single module.

2. Cost-Saving

Low voltage lighting systems consume less energy, which in turn, also lowers your electricity bill. At the same time, if you’re using a low voltage LED lighting system, it will take you a much longer time before you need to replace your bulbs. This is because LED bulbs have better heat dissipation. In turn, they will take longer to burn out as opposed to other bulb types.

3. Environment-Friendly

A lower energy consumption also means that you’ll have a lower demand for energy. This means that by using a low voltage lighting system, you are also helping with energy conservation.

We all know that everyone has to do their part in energy conservation because of the depleting energy sources. And by using effective light sources with minimal energy consumption, we can help preserve our energy sources.

4. Safe

Another advantage of using a low voltage lighting system over other lighting systems is that they are generally safer and even easier to install. For starters, they are safer in a sense that their overall build dissipates heat efficiently.

If you’re adding a lighting system outside, you have to be mindful of how hot they get, especially when the lights are close to plants. But with low voltage lighting, they are generally cool to the touch. They are also meant to withstand various temperatures and weather conditions, so dust and rain aren’t something that can cause damage or hazardous risks to these lights.

Low voltage lighting systems are also easier to install because you don’t need to do anything to your main power supply. Compared to other lighting systems that use your main line electricity, low voltage lights use a transformer and only use as little as 12 volts of electricity.

Installation of low voltage lights is as simple as plugging your transformer to an existing receptacle. On the contrary, lights that use your line voltage would require an expert to avoid risks and hazards.

You don’t need to worry about electrocution from user error or from them being exposed to different conditions. These lighting systems also use waterproof wiring and connectors, so the risk of shock hazard from moisture is something that you don’t have to be scared of.

And lastly, you can easily move the locations of your lights with low voltage lights because most of them work as plug-and-play. If you decide to redo the look of your garden or yard, you don’t need to do a lot with these lighting systems.

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