The top 5 ways to decorate your house with lighting

The top 5 ways to decorate your house with lighting

LED profiles

Lighting is one of the most important elements of any interior design plan. Even the best and most creative project can be ruined if it disappears in a dark and badly lit space, while a boring one can start looking interesting with a few well-placed lamps. Light, both natural and artificial, has that incredible ability to make everything look better and more appealing. So instead of spending a fortune on another renovation, you can simply look for a new lighting solution to give your house a completely new appearance. There are a few great ideas that can completely transform your home at a relatively low cost.

Under cabinet lights

With something as simple as installing LED profiles underneath your kitchen cabinets, you can create a totally different atmosphere in the room. You just have to make sure this new solution is turned on separately from the main lighting. This way, you’ll not only have a way of using it as task lighting, but you’ll also gain an easy way of saving energy since you won’t have to keep all the lamps on the whole time. Implementing this in your old kitchen will give it a completely new look right away.

Highlight interesting features

If there are certain elements in your house that you find particularly appealing, you can easily highlight them by surrounding them with lights. Using LED tape for this purpose is not only easy but also quite cheap. You can turn the photos on your wall into a real gallery. And that bookcase full of your favourite books will become a central point of your design with the right lighting. You can also use accent light to divide your rooms into different sections.

Keep your staircase bright

Old staircases aren’t really the most attractive parts of any house. But replacing them can generate big costs, so it’s not always possible to get rid of them. But adding lights along the edge of the steps will make them look really unique. This solution is not just about changing the look of your stairs, it’s also about your safety. If you go up or down the stairs during the night, you don’t always want to turn on the main light because it can hurt your eyes. And adding more subtle lighting options will significantly lower the risk of falling down.

Create decorations

Lighting can highlight your decorations, but it can become a decoration as well. You can combine LED profiles and tapes to create interesting patterns on your ceiling and walls. But you can also create interesting features by cutting out canvas or cardboard elements and installing lights between them and your wall. This way, the designs will become visible after turning on the light. Another great lighting option that you should consider adding to your home are LED string lights. They are easy to add to any interior, and you won’t have any trouble getting rid of them or move them around whenever you decide to change something in your house.

Add some colour to your home

LED technology enables adding light in various colours, instead of just white. So you can choose to implement almost any colour in your design. When making your choice, you should consider what will fit in the best with the rest of your decorations. It's important because you want all the elements to complement each other not to clash. Colourful lights are an especially popular option around certain parts of the year like Halloween or Christmas, when they can be easily used to create incredible decorations that will be equally easy to dismantle once the celebrations are over.

Lighting is the easiest and the most effective way of redecorating your house if you want to avoid the cost and the mess of construction work. So if you want to change something in your interior, start with adding new lights. It’s not just about the light, but modern lamps themselves can be very decorative, so they’ll serve as a decoration even during the day.

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