5 Smart Reasons to Choose LED Flood Lights for Added Home Security

LED lights can be 7 times more energy-efficient than conventional lights. But more than being energy-efficient, they can also add to home security. They can make your home safer. If you're unsure of how LED flood lights will enhance your home security, check out these 5 reasons that will provide some insight.

1. They Are Bright

LED flood lights are naturally brighter than conventional lights. For instance, they can project more light and more ground because they have a higher lumen or watt score than conventional lights.

If you're unsure of how many lumens you need in an LED flood light, you should know that 100 lumen is enough to light up a walkway. You can always invest in a higher amount of lumen in an LED flood light if you want more brightness in order to ensure higher security around your home.

2. They Are Adjustable

LED flood lights are also adjustable 360 degrees. You can point them in whatever direction you want around your house. It adds an extra layer of protection because you aren't limited to only one direction when your lights go on. With adjustable lights, you can ensure that every part of your home is protected or a specific direction of your home with these lights.

3. They Can Use Motion Sensors

One of the perks of LED flood lights is that they can detect motion. If a burglar is intruding on the outside of your home, motion detector LED flood lights will detect this motion. It will cause the lights to flash on and scare off any intruders.

In contrast, having LED flash lights on all the time keeps intruders aware of where the lights are. Motion sensor lights are hidden and can surprise any intruders that are in the presence of your home.

4. They Operate Well in Different Climates

An LED flood light also works well in different climates. They work well in freezing temperatures as well as extremely hot temperatures. You won't have to worry about your LED flood lights not working when it's snowy out. They will work in any climate to maintain the safety of your home.

5. LED Flood Lights Cover a Lot of Ground

LED flood lights are also known to cover more ground than a conventional light. This is because they offer more brightness and they have a higher lumen watt score. It's a much higher score than what you get with a conventional light bulb.

Why LED Flood Lights Are a Great Investment

LED flood lights are a great investment because they add additional home security. They can do so much more than a conventional light. They can cover more ground and scare off potential burglars intruding on your home. Their motion detector also goes off when someone is in the sensor of the light.

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