Ideas & Inspiration For Creating an Antique Aesthetic in Your Home

If you are thinking about redecorating your existing home or else are currently in the process of selling your property and moving house, one of the most exciting elements is deciding on the general style and home décor vibe that you want your home to portray.

Antique and vintage styles are incredibly impressive, both for yourself and your family to spend every day living in and also as a way to set aside your home from the others and display an impressive aesthetic.

Continue reading for some fabulous ideas and inspiration for creating an antique aesthetic in your home.

Avoid the Use of Plastic

Not only is the overtly obvious use of plastics in and around your interior living spaces contributing to your carbon footprint quite significantly, but it is also the antithesis of antique and vintage style.

Instead, choose entirely more natural materials and fabrics that are more in keeping with days gone by, such as countertops made from soapstone and floors made from hardwearing wood.

Vintage Furniture is a Must

Another exceedingly striking component when designing and creating an antique-style home is the addition of authentic vintage furniture pieces.

Examples of vintage furniture which will be entirely fitting in a home designed with an antique aesthetic in mind include, but are limited to, the following:

  • Country furniture
  • China cabinets
  • Mahogany, walnut, and oak coffee tables
  • Heavy and intricately designed curtains
  • Four poster beds

Antique Fireplaces

No home which is designed around the vintage and antique aesthetic could ever be complete without one of the most stunning and striking antique fireplaces.

Not only will such a fireplace add a sense of the dramatic to the property, but it will also create an inviting, warm and cosy atmosphere and ambiance in the room in which it is installed and heat the room in the winter months.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Your bathroom is the one place, unless, of course, you live on your own, that you can truly relax and unwind and have some much-needed pampering time on your own.

As a result, not only will designing the bathroom with an antique aesthetic in mind make for an impressive talking point, but it will also make your evening baths ever the more luxurious, and nothing says luxurious like a freestanding bathtub.

Other elements of an antique bathroom include floral wallpaper with overtly vintage and raised designs, bold, primary colors on the wall, a fabric basin skirt, and painted wooden paneling along the sides of the room and under the windowsill. Look to Pinterest for more ideas that can bring the entire room together in this aesthetic.

Solid Wooden Doors

Naturally dependent on not only your budget but the basic structure and framework of your property, if you are truly committed to creating an entirely antique appearance within your home, then solid, wooden doors should replace any newer designs.

If you are feeling particularly ostentatious, you could even commission a professional wood carver to carve a unique and customized design into the front panel of each door, which will increase the antique aesthetic tenfold.

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