How to Have More Privacy at Home

Your home should be a safe space where you can get away from it all and enjoy spending time on your own or with your family. But if you don’t have enough privacy at home, it can be difficult to relax and unwind. You may feel that people can easily see through the windows, or into your garden, and there might be a lot of noise invasion that disturbs you too.

The good news is that there are some simple changes you can make to give yourself more privacy and make your home a sanctuary.

Install Blinds

Blinds are the perfect way to ensure that you have privacy, while letting lots of light into your home. During daytime, you don’t want all of the curtains closed, because you’ll be missing out on all of that important, natural light. However, you want to be protected from prying eyes! Blinds give you a great middle ground to solve this issue. They also give you an extra layer of insulation on the windows, which can help to reduce noise from the outside, to give you more peace and quiet.

Deal With Loitering

If there’s a group of people loitering near your home, it can be very intimidating. Loitering often creates a lot of noise and you may be worried about vandalism and theft. It’s hard to feel as though you have privacy when strangers are encroaching on your space in this way.

There are some great ways to deal with loitering, though. Companies like Mosquito Loitering Solutions, provide devices that you can switch on at night, which emit a high-pitched noise to drive young loiterers away. This is a simple, harmless way to deal with loitering. 

If you find that it’s a persistent problem, contact the police and ask for help. Do not engage loiterers directly, because it could be dangerous.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

When people can easily see into your garden, and through your windows, it’s impossible for most people to relax. Finding ways to shield yourself from view, increases privacy and makes you feel more comfortable at home. Planting trees and shrubs, is a great natural way to do this. You can, of course, put up a higher fence! However, many people prefer the look of nature.

If you do use trees and shrubs to create more privacy, it’s important that you maintain them properly to avoid certain issues. Branches that are too close to your home provide an entry point for pests, and sometimes even burglars. Lots of heavy foliage also provides cover for miscreants who might want to move closer to your property.

Make sure you cut back trees and shrubs regularly to avoid any problems. Be aware that the roots can damage the foundation of your home too, so don’t plant trees right next to your residence.

Privacy is so important and without it, most of us can’t fully relax. By making these simple changes, your home will feel so much more intimate and comfortable. 

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