How is Netflix changing the TV industry?

What in your eyes is the perfect Friday evening? Warm, comfy bed, cozy fireplace, a nice cup of tea, and your favorite Netflix original series. The world is a perfect place when you have the privilege of going back home to something. And if that something is a nice, light-heated show that enlightens your mood, well your life’s sorted.

Netflix has become that warm shoulder that one can lean on to when feeling depressed. It is like that one friend, who can make you laugh out loud. Hence, in a very short time, this streaming service has made its way into our hearts and we have become greatly dependent on it.

From interesting documentaries to incredible TV shows and movies, Netflix has a lot to offer. Mystery, rom-com, horror, and thriller- almost all the genres are available on Netflix, so you can browse the library and select the one that best matches your mood. Not only adults but also even kids can spend their spare time enjoying the amazing collection of animated movies and shows offered by this streaming service.

Hence, it is safe to say that Netflix is slowly taking over and will soon replace the TV industry. In this article, we will be discussing how Netflix is changing the entertainment industry. Keep reading to get a better understanding of this streaming platform and its functions.

Netflix altered our TV viewing patterns and made them flexible

Just a decade ago, we had this practice of waiting eagerly for a certain TV show or film to air on a particular channel. We would plan our day according to that one show, making sure that we don’t miss it.

However, with the advent of Netflix, routines got simpler. This efficient streaming service blessed us with the ability to control. In simpler words, Netflix gave its viewers the authority of choosing what they want to watch and when they desire to watch it.

In addition to this, Netflix also gave you the chance to enjoy a wide range of content. This is something that we never got to enjoy with a simple television. We can now easily stream a thriller movie and instantly switch to rom-com, depending on our mood. There is no restriction of time or money. All of these privileges are only possible because of Netflix.

However, let us not forget some of the cable TV providers like Optimum cable are now also trying their best to win the hearts of their customers by offering a wide variety of channels. These channels include sports, entertainment, news, music, and other significant channels to satisfy the needs of the customers.

So if you are not fond of change and want to stick to your cable TV, well subscribing to such providers would be the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to enter the streaming world, well keep reading as this article will enlighten you about some pretty interesting facts about the reigning king of the streaming world also known as Netflix.

The advent of Netflix Original content

What was the motive behind forming Netflix? A lot of you might have pondered over this question. Well, Netflix’s main aim was to offer a whole collection of films for its viewers to choose from. In 2012, it went a step ahead and surprised its audience by producing its own original series called ‘Lilyhammer’. Its blockbuster ‘House of Cards’ in the year 2013 went on to win the hearts of millions.

In addition to this, the year 2016 proved to be quite fruitful for this streaming platform that released almost 126 original seasons and movies. Looking at its incredible record, in 2018 Netflix decided to invest $8 billion in producing original films and shows.
Hence, over the last few years, Netflix has grown into a major player in the creation and distribution of entertainment. However, the standard of their original content, the topic of their television programs and motion pictures, and the reputation of the actors they cast vary substantially.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that the most prominent feature of Netflix that differentiates it from its competitors is the high standard of original content it generates.
Prior to this, networks employed approved shows that were based on a strong pilot. By offering the creators contracts for the creation of complete seasons, Netflix transformed this procedure. As a result, tons of fantastic television programs and motion pictures were released every single month.

Comprehending the preferences of the viewers and serving them

Today’s modern world demands innovation and this alone can help you make your mark in this world. Using state-of-the-art approaches and coming up with new, ingenious, and original ideas is the need of the hour. Netflix creators understood this assignment and hence altered TV and its operations forever.
Netflix smartly went about it. It trained its employees to conduct surveys, ask about the people’s preferences, analyze their tastes and then devise strategies that could satisfy the needs and wants of the audience. What Netflix exactly did Netflix do? It chose the genres as well as themes that the viewers appreciated and went on to produce original shows that won the hearts of millions.
In addition to this, Netflix also made sure to include shows and films in its libraries from other countries and regions. With the inauguration of the diverse Netflix library, people could now enjoy incredible content from all over the world. Some examples include Money Heist (a popular show from Spain), the famous squid game from South Korea that won the hearts of many people, and more.

Final words

We sincerely hope that Netflix continues to stay up with the pace of change that the business world is experiencing on a daily basis. Although Amazon, as well as Disney’s increasing competition is undoubtedly concerning, this streaming channel is well prepared to handle it.

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