12 Outdoor Ideas for Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

Every homeowner can appreciate the appeal of a well-manicured lawn and an aesthetically pleasing curb or driveway if you will.

However, it is not always feasible to begin a large-scale renovation project just for your curb. It does not bode well in terms of convenience or budgeting. Luckily, there are a few small-scale adjustments that you make to add more edge to your curb, and here’s how!

1. Door Framing

It is no secret that your front door is the focal point of your house on the outside. So, it would be wise to have a customized door frame or perhaps some new paint that complements the overall look and aesthetic of the rest of the house.

In doing so, the front door will instantly grab the attention of on-lookers and brighten up the whole place as a result.

2. Refreshing Hardware

Speaking of doors, let’s talk about the hardware that is visible on the outside of your house. We are referring to doorknobs, locks, handles, as well as the hinges.

These items need to maintained every so often. They need to wiped clean and oiled regularly, so they continue to work seamlessly. It would be a wise idea to upgrade the hardware for a fresh look.

3. Seasonal Decorations

You might have noticed a bunch of people are really into having Halloween and Christmas decorations out on their front yards. This is especially prevalent during the holiday season.

Not only does it add to the spirit of the festivities, but it also makes your house looking much warmer and inviting, so you can consider that an option to spruce up the look of your curb.

4. Driveways

The driveway is another integral part of the front of the house because it leads to the house itself.

So, make sure that there are no unseemly cracks in the driveway and that it is spick and span at all times because you never know who might be dropping by!

5. Yard Tending

By yard tending, we mean taking care of your lawn. Baby steps are always helpful here; you can even start as small as planting some of your favorite seasonal flowers. Alternatively, you can also grow out of your own vegetable or herb garden. Be vigilant about trimming the hedges and getting rid of those pesky weeds, and it will make all the difference.

6. Landscaping

In addition to planting more flowers, you can also add some other accents to your yard. These can include outdoor art such as railings or patio furniture.

As long as it suits your fancy and matches the overall look of the house, you can pretty much choose any piece, and it will add a lot more character to your yard.

Just make sure that they blend seamlessly with the rest of the house and don’t stand out too much.

7. Fences

We have all heard of picket fences being the ideal addition to a house. It really does give the homeliest feeling, like your house is something out of a movie.

So, if your fences are run down both appearance-wise or physically, you might want to renew the paint job or rebuild them. This is advised not only for aesthetics but also for security reasons.

8. Gutter Maintenance

Gone are the days when those open rain gutters were considered decent addition to your roof.

Nowadays, downpour gutters are far better alternatives as they are enclosed and get rid of any extra water discreetly from the side of the house.

This rids you of the hassle that comes with conventional rain gutters and removes that eyesore from view as well.

9. Mailbox Replacement

People are getting pretty creative with their mailboxes these days. Those run of the mill home mailboxes are quickly becoming a thing of the past as everyday people find new ways to customize their mailboxes.

You, too, can invest in a new mailbox and decorate it in such a way that it adds to the personality of your house.

Although a small upgrade, you will be surprised by how much it adds to your front yard. Not to mention the personal satisfaction that you will feel every day that you get to enjoy your new creation.

10. Upgraded Lighting

Let’s face it; nobody wants a dark and dreary looking house. Therefore, lighting is an easy upgrade that can instantly elevate the appearance of your curb. If you have a deck or a driveway, some good lights can create a very homely and warm atmosphere.

It can also highlight landscaping and other elements of the yard. Many people prefer dusk to dawn light bulbs for this purpose.

11. Shutters

We have already talked about upgrading your front door. So, why not pay some attention to the windows and shutters while you’re at it.

You can even add some potted plants on the shutters to spruce up the windows and add a splash of color.

For the shutters, you can choose different colors and patterns that complement the color scheme of your house for some extra edge.


Even if you implement a few of these adjustments, you will notice a sign in the overall look and appeal of your curb in no time. The best part is, these changes will not cost you, and we are all about low risk and high rewards here!

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