10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Himalayan Salt Lamp In 2020

The popularity of Himalayan salt lamps continues to increase. That is because they are believed to provide a variety of benefits to you and your surroundings. Although the level of research varies, there is no doubt that a salt lamp or two in your home will make you feel better. Here is a look at some of the reasons why you should consider owning a Himalayan salt lamp.

1 – They Are Cleaning Your Air

Salt lamps are considered to be hygroscopic. What that means is that they attract the water molecules that are trapped in the air. Often, water molecules carry other compounds that may be bad for us to breathe. They can include pollen, dust and smoke particles. The salt lamp will absorb those molecules and will release clean water into the air through the process of evaporation. Any dust or other molecules that are absorbed remain trapped in the structure of the salt lamp.

2 – They Reduce Stress

Himalayan salt lamps contain a light deep within the structure. Rather than being a bright, powerful and glaring lamplight, the salt wall around the light is translucent. This allows for a soft, diffused level of light to be projected and glow. As a result, the light is calming. The color of the salt provides a sensation of warmth that assists in relaxing and calming anyone who spends time near the lamp. The light is also bright enough to keep on during the evening and overnight as a night light.

3 – They Raise Energy Levels

If you sit in front of a television, computer, or laptop during the day, you may wonder why you are exhausted when you are done. That is because these devices emit positive ions that can eat away at your body’s energy levels. Himalayan salt lamps do the opposite by sending negative ions into the air. These negative ions can help you to be more energetic and produce feelings that are much the same as being in nature, walking in a forest and breathing in the fresh air.

4 – They Help With Asthma And Some Allergies

Because salt lamps can absorb water containing dust particles directly from the air, they act as a filter of sorts. Consider that many of the dust particles trapped in moisture can trigger allergic reactions or in some cases, irritate asthma sufferers. Himalayan salt lamps have reduced the symptoms of both asthma and allergies by simply filtering the air by removing the harmful, microscopic particles that surround us daily in the air we breathe.

5 – They Balance Electromagnetic Radiation

Electronic devices like televisions, smartphones and laptop computers all emit electromagnetic radiation. They also produce positive ions which, when combined, can seriously affect your health if you have long-term exposure to them. Because we cannot see this type of radiation, it is often ignored. A Himalayan salt lamp can neutralize the electromagnetic radiation if it is located near the source. Plus, the negative ions emitted by the lamp are better for your health.

6 – They Help You To Sleep Better

Because Himalayan salt lamps generate negative ions, they improve air quality. That is accomplished by how the salt lamp absorbs moisture from the air and traps dust and other particles that may be attached to water molecules. This means that any toxic compound in the air will be removed by the salt lamp creating a safe environment for sleep. The negative ions also increase blood flow to the brain which reduces stress and allows you to relax and sleep well.

7 – They Improve Blood Flow

As already mentioned, the negative ions generated by a Himalayan salt lamp increases blood flow to the brain. However, it is not only the brain that benefits from this. Increased blood flow throughout the body keeps your heart, lungs, and kidneys in good health. In fact, with increased blood flow through your vascular system, your body becomes stronger and can fight disease better. All of this is possible with negative ions emitted from a salt lamp.

8 – They Improve Your Respiratory System

You know that a Himalayan salt lamp absorbs and traps dust particles from the moisture in the air. But one of the benefits of this is that airborne germs are also removed. Germs can enter the respiratory system and irritate the nose, throat, and lungs which can result in coughing or sneezing spells. With a salt lamp filtering these irritants from the air we breathe, the risk of catching a cold or virus is reduced. This means our respiratory health is improved.

9 – They Make You Feel Better

The release of negative ions into the air by a Himalayan salt lamp combined with the relaxing, soothing color the light emits creates a mood-enhancing atmosphere. Not only do they help you to relax, stay calm and increase your energy, salt lamps are good for you in that they make you feel good about yourself and your situation. If you are surrounded by negative people all day, your salt lamp can provide you with results that can be compared to therapy.

10 – They Increase Your Concentration

We have explained that exposure to the negative ions that are generated by a Himalayan salt lamp increases blood flow throughout your body with special mention of it going to your brain. One of the many benefits of increased blood flow to the brain is that oxygenated blood will increase your focus and thinking. In other words, you will gain concentration and will be able to complete tasks quicker and more efficiently as a result.

In Conclusion

With such an impressive list of benefits, Himalayan salt lamps are good for your health. This may explain why they are so popular. By placing one in the room you spend most of your time, you should notice positive changes in your mental health within a few days. By adding lamps to other rooms in your home, you will ensure that those health benefits are shared by others in your family.

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