Disability-Friendly Home Decor

These days so much of our lives are planned out. We’re constantly planning our weekends, gym schedules, the week’s meals, our working days, family holidays, and our morning routines. We plan. Planning means we can make the most of our time and our money. Yet often, when it comes to making renovations in the home, we rarely plan for the future. Instead, we follow trends and style inspirations. While it’s only natural to want your home to look like it came from a Pinterest board, why not future-proof your home and make changes that not only look great but will stand the test of time.

We’re talking about accessibility. As time passes, the needs of our family and us can change. Whether you or a loved one is currently living with a disability, or you just want to future proof in the case of any trips or accidents that could occur in the future, read on for some disability friendly home decor hacks.

The Bathroom

If you ever find yourself with limited mobility, the bathroom can cause issues. Whether it’s getting in and out of the tub or getting down the toilet. Luckily you can design a beautiful bathroom full of disabled bathroom equipment that still looks sleek and stylish. Your family or any guests in your home deserve a comfortable bathroom experience, so you’ll want to consider

  1. Detachable faucets
  2. Higher toilets that are easy to get up from
  3. Walks in baths/Curbless showers

Access Points

How many ways are there to access your home? And would those entrances be suitable for somebody with limited mobility? Consider whether you have a wide, clutter-free access path into your home. If you have patio doors, they’re much wider than a single front door and so are a great option to ensure your home is accessible. Suppose you have steps leading up to your front door. You may want to consider investing in a ramp. You can either have a permanent ramp fitted or opt for a temporary ramp that can be stored away until it’s needed.

Rug issues

Having a statement rug is a great way to add character or a pop of color to your home. However, rugs can cause an issue. If any of the family is in a wheelchair or crutches, it’s a massive trip hazard. Do not fear. This doesn’t mean you have to roll up your rugs for good. Simply invest in some grippers that will fix the edges in place.

Grab rails

Anyone with mobility issues, whether it’s caused by a disability, old age, or an accident, will benefit greatly from grab rails. You can install permanent rails or buy suction grab rails that can be moved around or put away. Areas that may be necessary include…

  1. Around the loo
  2. Getting out of the bath
  3. Getting out of bed
  4. Next to a favorite chair

These are some of the small changes you can make that will make a huge difference if anything happens with you or your family’s mobility and also ensures you’re ready to host anyone with ease.

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