Different Bathroom Style Themes: A Guide

A bathroom used to be just a simple wash space where you got on with your hygiene chores. However, a bathroom is now so much more than that. It is somewhere we go to relax, pamper ourselves, have a moment’s peace, or have a bath and shower for a break.

Because of this new outlook on bathrooms, there is now an abundance of ideas and styles that you can use to turn your bathroom into the oasis that it truly is at heart. This piece is going to look at some inspirational ideas so you can transform your bathroom to just how you want it.


Rustic Bathroom Style

The rustic style is very popular in many different rooms, and there is a good reason for this. Not only can it be an extremely calming aesthetic, with inspiration from nature such as natural woods, bamboo, weathered material that has stood the test of time, and natural colours, but it is also a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

There are a few pieces you can use to turn your bathroom into an inspired, rustic room and some of these include furniture made from reclaimed wood and accessories that lean on the side of nature. Not to forget the bath or shower that needs to tie in nicely with the theme.
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Contemporary Bathroom Style

Contemporary bathroom aesthetics can mean different things to different people, though it mostly covers modern styles that are chic and well put together. Think granite, laminate flooring, light woods, neutral porcelain, marble, and glass. These materials are an embodiment of a modern look, and you can mix and match any of them to make the perfect look for you as they work seamlessly together.

You will also find that it will be much easier to find a bath or a shower to suit this style of bathroom too, as contemporary is always a popular choice, and more designs become available regularly because of this demand.


Beach Bathroom Style

The beach bathroom style is a classic. Whether you are living near a beach, and it is the embodiment of your personality, or you are so far away from the beach that you need a little room to remind you of this relaxing scene, a beach bathroom is a common theme that many enjoy.

Your colour palette will be understandably blues and beiges, and you can have lots of fun with bathroom accessories too depending on how literal you want to get. Shells make stunning decorations, themed bathmats can add a scenic touch, or you could even decorate your cabinets to look like beach huts. How novel or chic you want your beach theme to be will depend on you, or you can mix it up whenever you feel like it. The choice really is yours, so match your bathroom to your style.

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