Why You Should Replace Your Normal Christmas Lights With Projector Lights

For many people, decorating for Christmas involves getting the same box of lights out of the basement and setting up the lights in the same way as last year. Refreshing your Christmas lights is often an afterthought, simply because there are so many other things to attend to during the holiday season. Christmas lights have flexible uses, but sometimes an upgrade is needed.

Christmas laser lights and laser projection decorations offer an alternative to the usual string lights that everyone uses. These projector lights are particularly useful for home exteriors, or Christmas party lighting. There are many options when picking up a Christmas laser projection light, and for Christmas enthusiasts, these laser lights are a fantastic addition to your existing setup.

This Christmas, don’t get stuck putting up the same decorations you put up last year. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider replacing your existing Christmas lights with laser or projector Christmas lights.

Easy to Set Up

Assembling your Christmas light display outside often involves spending a considerable amount of time. You need tools and hooks, and sometimes an extra person to assist. You also have to find a way to keep everything strung together so it’s connected to the outlet. The setup process outdoors is minimized with Christmas laser lights.

To set up a Christmas laser or projector light, first consider how you will plug the light in and the location of the nearest outlet. Light projectors need to be further from the house for optimal effect, though they should never be more than 80 to 100 yards away from the furthest point you are trying to illuminate. When you plug in the projector light, the difficult part of the setup process is already over!

Next, you’ll need to find the correct angle for the light. This is usually fairly easy when the wall you want to light is flatter or larger. The closer the projector’s angle is to 45 degrees, the less the visible image distortion.

If the angle is difficult to get right, consider using two projector lights, with each one angled towards the exterior wall from the side. This layout creates a lighting overlap. Check the projection distance for this type of light, as this can also alter the appearance significantly. Projectors with a shorter range may only be designed for indoor use- make sure to check the packaging beforehand.

There’s no ladder needed for setting up projector or laser Christmas lights, and no need to buy and install hooks on the walls or gutters. All that is necessary for fixing the light place is a stake to keep the projector in place. The stake is typically included with the product alongside the direction set.

Remote Features

Most Christmas laser or projector lights come with a wireless remote, so they are easy to control without going outside. The angle of the light can be changed with the remote while installing the lights, or whenever you want to make a few minor adjustments. Many projector lights have a few different color options in each light, with the remote being the easiest way to switch the colors.

Another technical feature included with most Christmas projector lights is a timer. You can set up times on the projector remote for the lights to on and off, or set a timer for when the light’s color changes. With the timer built-in, you should only need to worry about turning the light on and off once a season, which ends up making it a serious time saver.

Depending on the projector light you choose, you may end up with a few built-in security features for your festive display. A security lock or kit has become commonplace for many of these lights, simply because it sits outside in your lawn for extended periods of time. In most cases, this will essentially be a cable lock, similar to the kind you might use for a bike.

Energy Efficient

On your average string of Christmas lights, there are a few hundred bulbs that are individually powered to create the decorative effect. Even if these bulbs are LED, the energy usage can still be high compared to projector Christmas lights.

Laser or projector Christmas lights are almost always LED-lit, and because the entire light’s effect originates from a single source, there is only one high-powered bulb. This results in the projector light using significantly less energy than just a single strand of outdoor Christmas lights. Find out more about how these lights work here.

An Eye-Catching Display

There’s no question about it: laser and projector Christmas lights are built to impress visually. They can illuminate substantially more of your lawn, tree, or home exterior than conventional string lights. In addition, there is usually the option to switch up the colors every few minutes or keep the lights moving simultaneously.

The pattern and display options of the LED Christmas light projector can also go beyond the ability to change the lighting color. Many laser projected images are available, so larger walls can feature holiday imagery or entire pictures. Other lights may offer designs such as Christmas trees or snowflakes. There’s no need to just stick to the standard red-green lights!

If you are a Christmas fanatic, then laser or projector Christmas lights may only be the beginning of your Christmas lighting display. Luckily, these lights pair well with other holiday-themed lawn decorations. Christmas laser light projectors are well-equipped for indoor displays and can make perfect party lights for any season.

Conclusion-- Why You Should Replace Your Christmas Lights with Projector Lights

Christmas light stores are beginning to carry the projector lights more often as they get trendier. Instead of getting out the same-old lights and setting up the usual Christmas display, mix up your festive arrangement with Christmas laser projector lights. They are easy to set up, energy-efficient, and practically guaranteed to impress those neighbors that usually win your block decorating contest.

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