How To Choose The Best Lighting For Your Bar

Aside from the wonderful drinks and fancy music, the lighting design is the heart of the nightlife in a bar. We all have our ideal place where we chill and have drinks. A place where our energy is uplifted. Create a place that will power the guests’ nightlife.

The lighting design of your bar is more than just increasing its aesthetic value. It’s all about building the mood of the guests to party and enjoy the night. Pair your served drinks, music and fancy interior design with the best lighting for your bar!

To give you inspiration, here are tips in choosing the best lighting for your bar.

Switch to LED Lights

LED Lights

A fancy yet economical way of spicing up the lighting design of your bar is by switching to LED lights. Unlike incandescent lights, they’re long-lasting and durable for all occasions. On average, they can last up to 50,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours of incandescent lights. They come in different shapes and sizes too. That’s what makes them flexible for different utilization. They’re easy to play with since the colors and vibrancy are efficiently controlled.

These LED lights are the next big thing. They contain no trace of hazardous substances like mercury that can harm the environment. You can never go wrong with LED lights. There’s always the perfect LED light for the right occasion. Maximize the lighting design of your bar without compromising the electric consumption and costs. Illuminate your bar with the best LED lights in the market!

Play with Different Light Colors

In choosing the best lighting for your bar, you have to step off the comfort zone of traditional bar lighting. Playing with different light colors will inspire your guests to stay and hang out more. The lighting color of your bar will establish an outgoing ambiance. Different colors please the eyes of the guests upon entry. The lighting will communicate the character of your bar to its guests. Most bars nowadays stick to traditional warm lights. Little did they know, playing with lighting colors is the key to customer satisfaction.

On the image above, you can notice how cool and warm lighting colors complement one another. It brings out the details of the bar not distinct when using ordinary white lights. Build the character of your bar by playing with different lighting colors and vibrancy. It’s time to step up your game with these fancy lighting colors!

Choose Suitable Lighting Fixtures

Choose Suitable Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are the body of lights. They bring out the best more than just illuminating a room. In planning the lighting design of your bar, you have to choose the suitable lighting fixtures. With the advancement of technology, the lighting fixture designs available in the market progress. You can choose the perfect one that will enhance the character of your bar. It’s all about mixing and matching different colors and materials to come up with your dream lighting design.

On the image above, you will recognize the taste of elegance in similar shades. The materials used are sleek that lighting it up with the perfect color and vibrancy brings out the details. It’s more into glossy materials such as glass and steel. They added the right amount of light to come up with a vibrant look. They installed LED strip lights for the counter to reveal the details. The rectangular sepia-shaded chandelier established a luxurious look.

Create Different Accents

Create Different Accents

Different lighting accents give your guests a large view to admire. They won't just focus on one thing but they are impressed with the whole package. Lighting accents are all about playing with colors and vibrancy. You match which colors work well together and what level of vibrancy will help you achieve the character of the bar. Are you seeking for a playful, calm, loud, or solemn atmosphere? It's all up to you. You just have to figure out how lighting will give your guests the experience of a lifetime.

On the image above, you will notice how the ceiling design stands out. It’s an elegant yet outgoing look for your guests to enjoy. The lighting design didn’t just work on the ceilings but as well as the wall design. The neon blue ceiling looks like it lights up on its own. They utilized the ambient lighting from large fenestrations lowering electricity costs.

Don’t Forget the Complementary Lighting

Complementary Lighting

The bar’s lighting design is focused on the main lights since it gives life to the whole room. Little did they know, complementary lighting is just as important. These are the lights usually found in smaller sizes and simple design. It doesn’t require to stand out but to increase the lighting inside your bar. Complementary lights are usually recessed pin lights. It’s small, has the simplest design, and easy to install and control too.

On the image above, there are two complementary lightings. One, the small lights on the ceiling which gives a spotlight effect on the tables and chairs. Two, the accent lighting on the counter. It didn’t get much attention like the pendant lights but it is as important.


Considering the new generation, the interior design of bar matters. They take pictures of everything; drinks, comfort rooms, and interior and exterior design. Imagine if your bar is illuminated with the best lighting design. How great will it look when photographed? How many likes will it get on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? Be the bar that will be the go-to place of people with these amazing tips for your bar’s lighting design.

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