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Best Paper Lantern Lights Reviews (Paper Sky Lanterns)

A paper lantern is for adding aesthetics and glamour at related festivals. They are very attractive artifacts. Paper lantern provides a festive atmosphere and makes special occasions special and colorful. They are a major form of decorations.

Paper lanterns are made of different type of materials such as candles, wood and paper. This small item is very common in whole world.

A lantern has many different sizes and shapes. A few of them are very intricate in terms of design and others are simple.

The latter could feature a candle placed inside a paper bag and the former could even be made of collapsible bamboo. Since lantern making is an old art, there are very many styles available.

If you are looking to buy decorative lights for Halloween and Christmas, try paper lanterns. With too many choices available, everyone can get a perfect style. The most relevant style for Christmas celebrations is the Baby Bottom.

They are good for doing up your home outdoors this Christmas. Other available lights for festivities include rolling paper, tomato light, and crystal magic.

The biggest feature of paper sky lanterns is that they are very cheap and compact, so they can be stored easily and some designs can be collapsible.

1.   Paxcoo 12 Pack Paper Lanterns with Assorted Colors and Sizes.

 Paxcoo 12 Pack Paper Lanterns

Paxcoo 12 Pack Paper Lanterns include 12pcs assorted sizes colorful paper lanterns which are pre-folded for hanging. You can also insert a bulb inside the lanterns and it will work perfect.

These Party Lantern Lights come with 12 bright colors in size such as of 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”. Paxcoo 12 Pack Paper Lanterns can give you a wide variety to make excellent backdrop or even just hung around the room.

These color paper lanterns made of high quality tissue paper and metal supports, the paper lanterns could easily be stored and used several times.

The paper lantern string lights wedding, birthday, celebrations, room décor, baby shower, classroom and other theme parties.

Salient features:

  • Come with 12 bright colors.
  • Reusable and easy to assemble.
  • Made of sturdy quality tissue paper.
  • 48-day money-back and 24-month warranty.
  • Assorted colors and sizes.

2.  Selizo 25 Packs White Paper Lanterns with Assorted Sizes.

Selizo 25 Packs White Paper Lanterns

Selizo 25 Packs White Paper Lanterns come with 25 pieces of assorted white round paper lanterns. The variety sizes choose which can make an elegant backdrop or hang around the room. Pretty for indoor or outdoor party decorations.

These white paper lanterns amazons are available in in five different sizes of 12”, 10”, 8”, 6” and 4”. The cheap paper lanterns are made of highly durable tissue paper and come with a wore frame.

Selizo 25 Packs White Paper Lanterns are foldable, so you can fold them easily and store them for next use. T

hey create a cheerful and cool atmosphere at various types of occasions such as bridal shower, baby shower, wedding ceremony, graduation party, birthday party and other celebrations.

Salient features:

  • Easy to hang with the metal support.
  • Fordable and easily to store.
  • Made of premium quality tissue paper.
  • They are available in five different sizes.
  • Easy to assemble and hang.
  • Extremely easy to use.

3.   Talking Tables Truly Scrumptious Floral Paper Lanterns for Party Decoration, Multicolor, 3 Pack.

Talking Tables Truly Scrumptious Floral Paper Lanterns

Talking Tables Truly Scrumptious Floral Paper Lanterns are incredible Lanterns which come in three different sizes and colors. They are pretty, and coordinate well with the bunting.

These floral print paper lanterns are perfect to brighten up garden parties and BBQs. A lovely version of vintage partyware, The Talking Tables Truly Scrumptious variety features bunting, napkins, plates and all the essentials of another party.

Floral paper lanterns are easy to put up, simply tie the ribbon. These beautiful paper lanterns look likes looked like floating watermelons. Floral Paper Lanterns come with a ribbon to hang them with.

Salient features:

  • 3 x paper lanterns in 3 sizes and colors.
  • Brighten up garden parties and BBQs.
  • Available in different floral design and color.
  • The material is that of a heavy paper plate.
  • Well ccoordinate well with the bunting.
  • They come with a ribbon to hang them with.

4.  Charmed Paper Lanterns (8-Inch, Multicolor, Set of 8) - Rice Paper Chinese and Japanese Hanging Decorations.

Charmed Paper Lanterns

Charmed Paper Lanterns is multicolor eight pieces Paper Lanterns that worked well as outdoor party decorations.

These rice paper lanterns are 8-Inch in diameter which is perfect for home decoration, outdoor parties and weeding ceremony parties.

The colors included may be a mix of Red, fushia, Orange, Green, Yellow, Medium Blue, Purple and Light Pink, black white and turquois.

Key features:

  • The frame is very good fitting and keeps the lanterns very firm.
  • Comes in nice range of colors.
  • Ideal for home decor, parties, and weddings.
  • Well sized and easy to assemble.
  • Look fantastic and works great.

5.  IREALIST Multi-Color Hanging Solar Lantern lights, Nylon Ball Outdoor Lighting for Gardens, Party, Home, Wedding, pack of 6.

IREALIST Multi-Color Hanging Solar Lantern lights

IREALIST Multi-Color Hanging Solar Lantern lights are collapsible globe lanterns lights which are easy to install and easy to operate. The installation is very easy and complete in minutes without any hassle.

This pack of 6 multi-color lanterns is available in a variety of cheerful colors such as yellow, purple, red, blue, Green and orange. They work at night automatically after charging enough in sunlight during day time.

They collect sunlight all day and turn themselves on to cast a beautiful glow by night. These Multi-Color Hanging Solar Lantern lights are made of extremely heavy duty nylon which makes them perfect for outdoor use.

Each solar lantern includes a rechargeable battery, so does not need external battery. IREALIST Multi-Color Hanging Solar Lantern lights Ideal for daily use or for wedding decoration, garden parties and other special events also in the yard, porch, patio, terrace, lawn or garden.

Key features:

  • Construct with high quality weather resistance nylon.
  • Each lantern expanding with a metal frame.
  • Pretty lights good for almost any decor.
  • Available in a variety of different cheerful colors.
  • Easy to operate and easy to install.
  • Energy saving, comes with built in solar panel.
  • Works for 6 to 15 hours at night after full day charge,

6.   Echosari 20LED Warm White Rose Flower Fairy String Lights 7.5 Feet Clear Cable Battery Powered.

Echosari 20LED Warm White Rose Flower Fairy String Lights

Echosari 20LED Warm White Rose Flower Fairy String Lights are 7.5 feet rose string lights that have thirty Warm White LEDs inside Pure White Rose.

These led paper lanterns come with lights automatic cycling timer which makes sure lights ON for 6 hours and 18 hours OFF each 24 hour period.

Rose fairy lights are best for various such as Valentine's, Wedding, Bedroom, and Indoor Decoration.

To activate automatic cycling timer Place the black button which is present in the middle.

White flower string lights are battery powered LED string lights which are very energy saving and works for long period.

Key features:

  • It has automatic cycling timer.
  • Energy saving and Longer life.
  • Safe and Can by used anywhere.
  • 8 button-controlled light sequences.
  • Wire is made of pure copper.
  • Space between LEDs is 15 cm and 6 inch.

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