Best Glass Lamps Reviews

best Glass Lamps Reviews

You have been happy with the décor in your living room for years. Now it seems stale. The budget is tight, and you cannot even begin to consider redecorating, but the room needs a change. Adding a pair of glass lamps could be exactly the ideal change. Available at any price range, glass lamps add an air of elegance that cannot be achieved with any other materials. Clear glass, cut crystal, or stained glass lamps will change the feel of any room. Each option is available at multiple stores and websites and at a wide range of prices.

Clear Glass Lamps

It is amazing what a simple clear glass lamp can do. Their lines are generally simple, and their appeal rests on their ability to add quiet charm to any living space. During the day, they reflect and refract natural light; in the evenings they glow from the light of their own bulbs. Additionally, plain glass lamps can be embellished with paint or filled with colored marbles or shells to accent the theme of the chosen décor. See also Torchiere Floor Lamp Led.

Crystal Lamps

For a homeowner wishing to bring about a look of quiet elegance, crystal is the obvious choice. A cut above plain glass lamps, crystal lamps are delicate and beautiful, often accented with crystal tear drops or prisms, dangling from the shades. While glass lamps will reflect and refract natural light, crystal lamps will dazzle with the shades and hues of light that will be thrown about the room.

Stained Glass Lamps

If you are drawn to the elegance of glass lamps, but would like to add color as well, then the operative answer is stained glass. With these lamps, the choices of colors and designs are endless. You may choose a stained glass lamp with a traditional shade, or a traditional lamp with a stained glass shade. Of course the lamp and shade may both be glass. In the evenings, when you turn on your lamp with the stained glass shade, the colors you have chosen will be cast about the room, giving a soft light to all of your furnishings.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Tailynn Farmhouse Glass Table Lamp - Clear and Bronze Finish

Ashley Furniture Signature Design
Ashley Furniture Signature Design

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