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Best Arc Floor Lamp Reviews (Modern Arc Floor Lamp)

Lighting is very important in creating the right look in your house. In addition, it’s important to have proper lighting to avoid getting eyestrain. The fixtures and bulbs that come with a house are often quite practical, but a bit lacking on the side of décor. Different forms of lighting lead to different moods. Rather than alter the fixtures of a house, it’s easier to purchase lamps that you can place at the right areas with the right intensity of bulb.

Table lamps are not so popular these days because they waste space on a table. In addition, they can only be placed on certain areas in a room where there is a raised table. Compared to table lamps, floor lamps are much more easy to use and versatile. They can be placed anywhere in a room and can easily be shifted around.

Arc Floor Lamps:

Many people ask, what are the arched floor lights called. An arc floor lamp is also called an arch floor lamp. They are generally known as “arc floor lamps” although they are also called other names including arc sofa lamps, “arch floor lamps”, arc swivel floor lamp, arc floor reading lamp, arc arm floor lights and “floor arc lamps”.

An arc floor lam is basically a floor lamp that is designed in the shape of an arc, because it has a curved arm, it can be placed anywhere on the floor and directed towards a particular area a bit further away, which it will illuminate. The exact dimensions of arc floor lamps vary: some are small, some are large. Some of these arc swing floor lamps are extremely tall, and it is possible to even find a floor lamp 6 feet tall. These lamps have varying designs, and range from chrome finish to nickel finish. Some of the arc floor lamps also have heavy bases, often created with marble or another heavy material. Some lamps also have multiple heads, which creates a different look.

Although it is most common for arc floor lamps to have a single swing arm (i.e. the arm that is curved and has the bulb at the end), these days arc floor lamps with multiple heads are also popular. Most of these floor lamps multiple heads have an odd number of heads or arms, since that is thought to be more aesthetically pleasing. In one of my friends’ houses I have seen a black five arm arc floor lamp (also called an arc 5 light floor lamp), while in another house I’ve seen a floor lamp with 3 adjustable arms. If you are looking for the coolest floor lamp or want to enjoy cutting edge design in your home, you may be interested in opting for one of these kinds of arc floor lamps.

In terms of materials, arc lamps are available in a wide variety. From bamboo to wood to chrome, you can find these lamps in a range of finishes, from retro to modern to sleek and sophisticated to funky to oriental. Of course, the most popular finish for an arc floor lamp is chrome. Chrome gives these lamps a kind of sleek and modern look that will really make your home look glamorous. A decorative arch chrome floor light or chrome arched floor lamp can make any home look sophisticated and modern. Chrome arc floor lights can be used in a home regardless of its style of interior decoration.

Of course, while a chrome arc lamps is still the most popular kind of arc lamp in terms of finish, many people are opting for a different look these days. Oriental arc floor lamps are also gaining in popularity. These lamps are made of bamboo or wood, and often come in different shapes and colours.

The Ambience of an Arc Floor Lamp

Because arc floor lamp bulbs are replaceable, the lamp can be used to create either a bright light that’s suitable for reading, or a more subtle light that can create a nice mood. In addition, many of these lamps come with dimmer options which you can use to alter the lighting and the mood of the room. Many people like to buy matching lamps which they place in different corners of the room to create a nice ambiance. Floor lamps create a lovely shadow effect which many people appreciate.

Arc floor lamps come in many different types of sizes, which mean you can use them in different rooms of different sizes. They have subtle designs, which mean they won’t overpower your room or clash with your existing decor.

Where to Use Arc Floor Lamps

Using a curved floor lamp is convenient because you can swivel the head to reach different areas of the room. In addition, the lamps create beautiful interplay of light and shadow. You can maximize this effect by placing more than one lamp in a room. I’ve noticed in certain design magazines that some people like to place two matching floor lamps on either side of a bed or sofa. Some popular placements also include putting the lamps in four corners of the room.

Most people like to place their swivel arm floor lamp in one corner of the room. Then, the arm can reach to the center and illuminate the middle of the room. This way of arranging the lamp also gives a stylish and contemporary look to the room.

One of my friends once asked me to move the arc floor lamp to the center of the room. Well, the truth is that due to their design, a single arm swing lamp will look best placed in one corner – that is with the base in one corner and the head of the lamp reaching towards to middle of the lamp.

However, you can always opt to put the arc floor lamp in the middle of the room, it’s just that you need to keep your decor in mind. Try to highlight the corner of the room in which the arm floor lamp head will be positioned, since this corner will be illuminated. Definitely place a small coffee table there, if possible even make a seating arrangement around that area. Just don’t place a single seat there – that person would really be in the hot seat! Nobody likes a light shining directly on their face, so instead arrange a grouping of chairs.

On the other hand, it is easier to place your lamp in the middle of the room if you have a multiple head arc floor lamp, for instance if you own a 5 head reach arc floor lamp. Because of its design, if you place the lamp in the middle of the room, the multiple arms will swing towards different areas of the room and light up multiple areas. This is a great contemporary statement to make and you can easily place a multiple arm swing lamp, whether it’s a 3 arm arc floor lamp or a 5 arm arc floor lamp, in the middle of your room.

Matching Floor and Table Lamps

Many people like to use a matching arc floor lamp and table lamp. This creates a nice pulled together look.

In addition, many people like to use multiple lamps that match. For instance, some people like to use multiple arc floor lamps, especially if the room is quite large. Using the same thing a few times in the same room gives an air of cohesiveness. You can also see Led lighting fixtures.

You can also get nice table lamps to match your floor lamp. This further gives the impression of a well-thought out and planned interior decor – even if the only thing you planned was the matching lamps!

Where to Purchase Arc Lamps?

When purchasing a floor lamp, most people prefer to purchase an arc floor lamp. People like these lamps over other types because arc floor lamps contemporary look to a room. There are many different types available, of which the chrome arc floor lamps and George Kovacs arc floor lamp are quite popular. These may be a bit more expensive than other cheap arc floor lamps that are also available these days.

Arc Lamps can be purchased from many different places. Some people like to shop off-line, at departmental stores, furniture stores and other specialty interior design stores. Of course, some people have an interior designer or a close friend who might recommend a particular store in the neighborhood.

You must, of course, be aware that buying an arc lamp from a neighborhood retailer can turn out to be an excessively expensive endeavor. Most offline retailers mark up their prices highly, and the customer winds up paying more than necessary.

Buying a Cheap Arc Floor Lamp:

There are many discount furniture and home accessories stores online. They can offer the same thing at a lower price: this is because online stores have lower overheads and are able to pass this on in the form of lower prices of lamps to the end customer. The end result is, that you can purchase cheap arc floor lamps from these online stores.

The most popular online store by far is However, that is not to say that there aren’t other smaller online retailers out there who can offer very high quality arc floor lamps. However, when shopping online check that you are shopping at a secure website, and try to see reviews made by previous customers.

You can also buy second hand arc floor lamps online. EBay in particular is a very popular place to buy second hand items of all types, including second hand floor lamps including of course, second hand arc floor lamps. I’ve even seen a used George kovacs arc floor lamp being sold on EBay! The great thing about EBay is that the sellers don’t know how badly you want the item, and if you don’t mind bidding and being patient, you can usually snare a great bargain! Arc floor lamps can come with a hefty price tag if you shop new, so buying from EBay or any other store that sells second hand lamps can be a huge boon to your wallet!

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