Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Table Lamps

Energy sources and their importance has become more relevant with the progression in technology. Nowadays we are no longer bound to electric based household gadgets that may cost us extensive bills. The major technology that has taken over the current era is the Solar energy that is used as an alternative for electricity. Many outdoor as well as indoor lights are not replaced with the solar lightning systems. This applies to the driveway lightnings to lawns and even table lamps.

With the availability of table and desk lamps that rely upon solar energy, it is becoming more and more easier to live a cost effective life over clean energy resources.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Each method may have its own benefits and problems, this applies to solar energy based appliances as well. There are indeed various advantages and disadvantages of solar lamps and some of them are as follows.


  1. Solar lamps derive their energy from the sun so they have zero energy costs. This is perhaps their biggest advantage considering these lamps function on solar energy and do not need extra expenditure. They are more frequently used within parking lots considering these spaces tend to need lighting at all timings.
  2. Solar lamps are environmentally friendly considering their energy resources don’t include the employment or production of harmful gases or chemicals. They mainly draw their energy from the sun and hence they are quite eco-friendly and safe for usage.
  3. Solar lamps also tend to not have any complex wirings that you may have to deal with. The most that they would require is a rechargeable battery and a photovoltaic panel that may not require long installation plans. This makes them easy to install and does not require professionals for installation. It also implies that these can be quickly installed without having to put much effort in assembling the gadget.
  4. Solar lamps also tend to come in packaged sets with rechargeable batteries, PV panel, LED and proper housing.
  5. Solar lamps are low maintenance and may not require repairs. These are known to have a lifetime long span and the only maintenance they may need is dusting that can accumulate over the gadget.



  1. Solar lamps may initially be quite expensive. It may sound like a huge investment however in the future this investment can be cost effective as well.
  2. Since the batteries of these lamps utilize solar energy for their performance, many times climatic conditions can impact the recharging process. This means that a stormy sky or overcast can be a problematic factor when it comes to charging, making these systems more ideal for places with ample sunlight.


With the passage of time, solar power and solar powered gadgets are becoming more and more handy. These are playing the role of saviours for the future of mankind and are a constant topic of extensive research. The factor of renewability makes this type of energy consumption much more effective. Moreover, solar panels being eco-friendly adds to their appeal. It is no wonder that the market for solar table lamps is growing more rapidly than ever before. Soon the world will completely turn towards this cost effective and eco-friendly option

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