9 Fun Things You Could Bring to Your Dorm Room

9 Fun Things You Could Bring To Your Dorm Room

A dorm room is a place where you become independent and free from the constraints of home. You do not have to dread about waking up too early. You can eat whenever and whatever you want. Though these are the perks of living in a dorm room, you do need some items to enjoy them more.

Fun Things You Could Bring To Your Dorm Room

Students have to be vigilant as to the changes in their surroundings. One has to keep continually adapting. There are a small number of essential items which you have to buy. It is not only for your own sake, but sometimes it is a community thing.

Here is a list of ten fun things you could bring to your dorm room.

1. Decorations:

A dorm room is a dull place unless you put in some effort to adequately decorate it. It may sound like a bad cliché but aesthetically speaking, a bright and colorful room can uplift your mood. Keeping in mind your budget, you can buy different a variety of decorations for your room.

You can put up posters, tapestry, and paintings on the wall. Moreover, you can put a rug or carpet on the floor, giving the room a warm and cozy feeling.

2. Furniture:

If you have some space left in your dorm room, a little bit of sofa or chair will add a grand scheme to your room. Another cool thing is a bean bag chair. You can turn it into a pillow or a popup chair. It adds to the cool factor of the room. You can even add armchairs or swinging chairs. There are a lot of options available on the internet. However, keep in mind that it should not be bulky and easily transportable; otherwise moving it will be difficult.

3. Sound System:

A dorm room can get lonely, so to add a bit of spark to it, install a sound system. You can play whatever tune you want to play. They will help you when you invite your friends over to the party. The prices may vary, but you can buy a cheaper model if you are short on cash. There are low costing wireless-Bluetooth speakers that are readily available in the market. If you have the budget and your college allows, then you can also connect it to a LED screen.

4. Gaming Console:

A gaming console is a great fun thing to have at the dorm. Your next door neighbor and anybody who knows that you have awesome video games will surely drop by. Furthermore, if you are bored, you can spend hours playing games.

Every month, a new game is launched with different quests, apart from that they have extension packs. So you are pretty much occupied most of the day. You will not regret owning it, as it offers endless fun no matter what the weather is outside.

5. Lighting:

A room can be decorated with different illuminations to give the room a Christmasy touch. You can add disco and colorful LED lights. It will be a low-budget item. Moreover, lighting can also work wonders for parties.

For your beautiful bedside table, you can buy lava lamps. They are a novelty item. Anybody who sees this will be shocked to view it. It alone will make celebrations and other occasions memorable.

6. Board Games:

You can have Chess, role-playing games and board games in your room. When you get bored, pick one of the board up and start playing with the fellow mates. You can have hours of fun. They are low tech, so you never have to worry about losing Wifi signals or power. You can pick them up and go anywhere you want.

7. Electronics

You can bring cool gadgets and electronics like radio clocks, a laptop, Wi-Fi router, and a tablet with a magnetic phone holder. In our time today, it’s impossible not to have gadgets and electronics. Aside from providing entertainment, they are useful for school.

8. Colorful Curtains:

A colorful curtain indeed tells a story of its own. Moreover, they can bring color to your dull room. You can also make curtains with a sharp tone, or some crisp picture that will appeal to both you and your peers. Nowadays you can your picture scanned and printed on a curtain. It opens you up to new possibilities.

9. Scented Candle:

Use an aroma diffuser to make sure your place always smells fresh. You can use either electric one or wax candles. A wax candle costs low and lasts much longer. The selection of aroma is quite extensive.

An electric diffuser, on the other hand, requires a constant refill. You need to buy essential oils with them.

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