Wireless Motion Sensor Lights Reviews

It is a good idea to add safety features in your home, such as a Wireless Motion Sensor Lights. Motion Sensors or motion detectors, in general, have become integral parts of home automation and security systems.

Which Wireless Motion Sensor Lights is best? Our readers have spoken!

         These are their picks for the top Wireless Motion Sensor Lights for 2018.

Motion sensor house lights are incredibly useful defense than conventional models because they surprise and frighten intruders unexpectedly. You can install this wireless sensor anywhere you need the security of light even without electric power.

The versatility of Home motion sensor lights lies in their dual usage for both outdoors and indoors.

For outdoors: Best outdoor motion sensor lights offers a safe and effective way to prevent crimes as wireless security lights motion sensor automatically turns on when someone walks up to your door and keeps lights on for a few seconds.

Outdoor motion sensor led security lights switches on as soon as motion is detected. You will never have to step out into a dark driveway at night. From dusk till dawn, you will be confident that this motion sensor light bulb outdoor will do its work.

You can install solar motion sensor lights outdoor anywhere, in the garage, porch, by the shed entrance or on your outdoor steps. The brightest motion security light will also add extra light for campers or cabins.

For indoors: Motion sensor light indoor will always welcome you into your home; you do not need to feel around for a light switch once you get inside your home. As you enter a room, the indoor motion sensor light bulb will instantly light up or when you walk out of the doorway.

There is a wide variety of wireless motion sensor lights you can choose from. Below, various models of wireless motion sensor lights are highlighted; including a comparison of prices, product review and special features.

AMIR Motion Sensor Light

AMIR Motion Sensor Light

AMIR Motion Sensor Light

AMIR Motion Sensor Light is a battery-powered LED night light that is ideal light for Kitchen, bedroom, hallway, and bedroom. It will turn on only when it is dark and when motion is detected.

This motion sensor led night light provides automated, hands-free way to protect your homes indoors and outdoors.

It is easy to install, so you hammer, drills, or tools required. Auto-on within 10 feet and off automatically after 15 seconds if no motion is detected.


  • It bright enough to make sure you never stumble in the dark.
  • Auto-on within 10 feet.
  • Powered by 3PCS AAA batteries.
  • It mounts in seconds.
  • Cheaper to run than ceiling lights.

Mr. Beams MB982 Wireless Battery Operated Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light

Mr. Beams MB982 Wireless Battery Operated Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light

Mr. Beams MB982 Wireless Battery Operated Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light adds convenience and security instantly to any dark area without the hassle of installing wired lighting.

Its motion activation and automatic shutdown feature offer maximum comfort with hands-free lighting. It turns on instantly when it detects movement from a distance of up to 20 feet.

It is very energy efficient, Will run for more than thirty hours on one set of batteries. It provides 100 lumens of bright white light. It is ideal for lighting up sheds, porches, closets, pantries, stairways and storage rooms.

It automatically turns off after 30 seconds of no motion.


  • It turns off automatically after 30 seconds if no motion detected.
  • Designed with custom optics for the perfect intensity and focus.
  • Installation takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Motion activation and auto shut off features.
  • Detects motion within 20 feet.
  • It works in all weather conditions.

URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light, Motion-sensing Battery Powered LED

URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light, Motion-sensing Battery Powered LED

URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light is a sensor light that identifies day and night automatically and only lights up at night when movement is detected.

It is powered by 3 AAA batteries, so no wire needed. It turns off automatically after 15-30 seconds if no movement is detected.

This Motion-sensing light has a built-in motion sensor that detects movement up to 7-10 feet. It is perfect Motion Sensor Closet Light for any location such as bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, storage areas, stairs, and hallways.

It works great indoor and outdoor, especially as a night-light.


  • Perfect for anywhere you want to light.
  • Bullet Detects movement from up to 7-10 ft.
  • It includes dusk to dawn sensor and motion activation.
  • super-strong 3M double-sided adhesive pad is included.
  • Hassle free installation.

Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light Wireless LED under Cabinet Lights 10-LED Motion Sensor Activated Night Light Build in Rechargeable Battery Magnetic

Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light Wireless LED

Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light Wireless LED is a motion sensor light that automatically senses human motion within 10ft/120.

It shuts off after about 20 seconds without movement. This sensor light is straightforward to install, no need drilling or extra switch.

It is ideal to use for the closet, drawer, cabinet cars sheds, storage rooms, kitchen coat or any other dark place.

It comes with built-in rechargeable 850mAh polymer lithium battery. It uses simple 3M adhesive tapes to stick the light anywhere you want it to be.


  • Pretty compact and stylish.
  • Senses human motion within 10ft.
  • 850mAh polymer lithium battery.
  • Easy to install.

Wireless Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights 10-LED USB Rechargeable Closet Lights LED.

Wireless Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights

Wireless Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights is equally useful for both normal night light and motion sensor light. It comes with built-in 850mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery. You can easily charge light easily via the USB cable.

This light can last approximately 8 hours after full charge. It includes a built-in magnet, you can directly make the cabinet light absorb on all iron article surface.

These multifunctional under cabinet lights are ideal for garage, stairwell, oil depots, door, garage entrances and cabinet.


  • Built-in 850mAh rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Two Easy Installation Ways.
  • Super Long Service Life.
  • Easily charged via the USB cable.
  • Works for about 8 hours after fully charged.

Sunforce 82153 150-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light, 1000 Lumen Output.


Sunforce 82153 150-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light is a prominent motion sensor light with adjustable side lamp heads that provide maximum lighting coverage by moving upwards, downwards and horizontal.

It is an energy efficient motion sensor light which charges from the solar panel, so it does not need direct light for charging. It works for the full night after full day charge.

It offers two adjustable settings first one is detection distance and the second one is light duration.

This light automatically turns on when motion is detected and equipped with 150 ultra-bright white LEDs, ensuring reliable lighting power when you need it, wherever you are.


  • It offers adjustable side lamp heads for maximum lighting coverage.
  • It can be mounted almost anywhere.
  • Aautomatically turns on when motion is detected.
  • No main power or wiring required.
  • 180 degrees Detection Range.
  • Fully weather resistant.

SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights.

SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights are far brighter which provide security for your home or business accommodations. They turn on automatically when movement is detected.

These security lights are fully waterproof, which guarantees that the light can work outdoors in rainy climates. These 30W outdoor lights have a power of 3,400 lumens, which provides efficient lighting for your exterior living.

They offer three working modes which are test mode, motion sensor mode, and manual mode. You can choose the most appropriate mode for your needs and wishes. They can work for six hours at night under normal mode.

LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights comes with a motion sensor, 3 screws, two lamp heads, a Bar-shaped mounting plate, waterproof gasket, mounting bolt, three wire connectors and rubber screw plug.


  • It is 30W outdoor light rated at 3,400 lumens.
  • Equivalent to 250W incandescent light.
  • It offers three working modes.
  • Work outdoor in rainy weather,
  • Three different sensing modes.
  • 180° wide sensing range.

Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED Motion Sensors Solar Light with Wide Lighting Area.

Litom Solar Lights Outdoor

Litom Solar Lights Outdoor is an awesome solar motion light which is much brighter to provide security for your home or business accommodation. Three LEDs are set up on both sides of this Motion Sensors Solar Lights which create a more full range of luminosity.

It offers 2.5X larger illuminated coverage with its unique Wide-angle Design and upgraded motion sensor. Litom Solar Lights Outdoor offers three working modes to cope with different usage scenarios.

This motion sensors solar Light is ideal for backyard, garage, driveway, front door, deck, and patio. It equipped with 24 upgraded high power LEDs and newest energy management chip.

Litom Solar Lights Outdoor gives more brightness than other 30 LED solar lights. It provides two hours of extra working time compared with other lights.

It is made of high impact ABS material, the 24LEDs motion sensor lights are IP65 waterproof so it can withstand rain and other extreme weather conditions.


  • Coverage area is three time larger than other solar lights.
  • High strength ABS shell.
  • Double brighter than normal lights.
  • 120 ° wide sensing range.
  • Made of high-impact ABS material..
  • Three different sensing modes.

Solar Lights,POWER 20 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights.

Solar Lights,POWER 20 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Solar Lights,POWER 20 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights are motion activated lights which are charged directly from the sun, so you never need batteries or power cords, apart from in minutes without wires or switches.

They convert solar power into electric energy by observing the sunlight for eight hours during daytime. When motion is detected with 10 feet, the light will be activated automatically and provide full bright illumination for security and safety protection in the dark.

It includes a powerful 1000mAh 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery which works for up to ten hours on a full charge. This powerful 20 LED Solar Outdoor light is very energy efficient.

The sensing range of these outdoor solar motion sensor Lights is up to 10 feet with a 120-degree sensing angle.


  • Solar Powered Wireless Waterproof Exterior Security Wall Light.
  • Easy to install,no wiring required.
  • Easy to maintain with detachable solar panel.
  • Solid stainless steel construction.
  • Waterproof, weather resistant for outdoor use.

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